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Fox in Socks

Fox in Socks Å Fox in Socks ✓ Dr. Seuss - Fox in Socks, Fox in Socks In this hilarious book the irrepressible Fox in Socks teaches a baffled Mr Knox some of the slickest quickest tongue twisters in town With his unique combination of hilarious stories zany pictures

  • Title: Fox in Socks
  • Author: Dr. Seuss
  • ISBN: 9780007158478
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Paperback

Å Fox in Socks ✓ Dr. Seuss, Å Fox in Socks ✓ Dr. Seuss, Fox in Socks, Dr. Seuss, Fox in Socks In this hilarious book the irrepressible Fox in Socks teaches a baffled Mr Knox some of the slickest quickest tongue twisters in town With his unique combination of hilarious stories zany pictures and riotous rhymes Dr Seuss has been delighting young children and helping them learn to read for over fifty years Creator of the wonderfully anarchic Cat in the Hat andIn this hilariou. Å Fox in Socks ✓ Dr. Seuss - Fox in Socks, Fox in Socks In this hilarious book the irrepressible Fox in Socks teaches a baffled Mr Knox some of the slickest quickest tongue twisters in town With his unique combination of hilarious stories zany pictures

  • Å Fox in Socks ✓ Dr. Seuss
    127Dr. Seuss
Fox in Socks

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  1. Theodor Seuss Geisel was born 2 March 1904 in Springfield, MA He graduated Dartmouth College in 1925, and proceeded on to Oxford University with the intent of acquiring a doctorate in literature At Oxford he met Helen Palmer, who he wed in 1927 He returned from Europe in 1927, and began working for a magazine called Judge, the leading humor magazine in America at the time, submitting both cartoons and humorous articles for them Additionally, he was submitting cartoons to Life, Vanity Fair and Liberty In some of his works, he d made reference to an insecticide called Flit These references gained notice, and led to a contract to draw comic ads for Flit This association lasted 17 years, gained him national exposure, and coined the catchphrase Quick, Henry, the Flit In 1936 on the way to a vaction in Europe, listening to the rhythm of the ship s engines, he came up with And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street, which was then promptly rejected by the first 43 publishers he showed it to Eventually in 1937 a friend published the book for him, and it went on to at least moderate success During WW II, Geisel joined the army and was sent to Hollywood Captain Geisel would write for Frank Capra s Signal Corps Unit for which he won the Legion of Merit and do documentaries he won Oscar s for Hitler Lives and Design for Death He also created a cartoon called Gerald McBoing Boing which also won him an Oscar In May of 1954, Life published a report concerning illiteracy among school children The report said, among other things, that children were having trouble to read because their books were boring This inspired Geisel s publisher, and prompted him to send Geisel a list of 400 words he felt were important, asked him to cut the list to 250 words the publishers idea of how many words at one time a first grader could absorb , and write a book Nine months later, Geisel, using 220 of the words given to him published The Cat in the Hat, which went on to instant success In 1960 Bennett Cerf bet Geisel 50 that he couldn t write an entire book using only fifty words The result was Green Eggs and Ham Cerf never paid the 50 from the bet Helen Palmer Geisel died in 1967 Theodor Geisel married Audrey Stone Diamond in 1968 Theodor Seuss Geisel died 24 September 1991 Also worked under the pen name Theo Le Sieg

  2. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum Either 1 Star or 5 Stars depending on how many times you ve been forced to read it how many glasses of wine you ve had to drinkAny sportsball fans in the house If so you ll know that meme is 100% accurate However, since today is Dr Seuss birthday I m here to talk about a different annoying sound that which comes from discovering what the fox says Wrong again, but it s almost as aggravating In case you are someone who is far removed from your own childhood [...]

  3. This is my favorite Dr Suess book of all time That s because my mom couldn t read it I meane could read most of it But when she got to the Bim bends Ben s broom, she d start tripping up Then she d start to laugh, and she laughed so hard a couple of times tears came to her eyes I loved my mom s laughter Consequently, I used to pick up this book almost every night I think she hid it for a while So can YOU read this out loud Bim comes.Ben comes.Bim brings Ben broom.Ben brings Bim broom.Ben bends Bi [...]

  4. Poor Knox cringes and begs for mercy Please, sir I don t like this trick, sir But Fox refuses to relent Here s an easy game to play, he whispers but his wordplay is than games It s an assault on Knox s very sanity, and as the book progresses he slowly, cruelly tears the fabric of reality away from the defenseless Knox An unending series of nightmare images parade by, reminiscent of brainwashing scenes in dystopias like 1984 and Clockwork Orange.a giant crow sews Knox into a boxon the next page [...]

  5. Dr Seuss will drive you crazy with his silly questions But then they might be clever too in a wicked sort of way through the mouth of his cool as cucumber charactersage Once again a book full of wild, wild, wild tongue twisters Read and go mad Make your children go mad too for a day Nothing wrong with itage Fox in SocksTruly Rocks.Socks on Rocks,Box in Socks,Rocks in Box,Socks on Fox.This is one book that is richer Than Goldfinger s Fort Knox.If you say right each tongue twisterYou will be one s [...]

  6. Dr Seuss being the pen name under which Theodor Seuss Geisel wrote taking his middle name and making full use of his Oxford University PhD in English literature was the American born grandson of German immigrants to the US Beginning his career in the late 1920 s as an illustrator and cartoonist, it wasn t until nearly 30 years later that Seuss produced his classic series of children s books that so many of us know and love.Never having the benefit of the books of Dr Seuss when I was a child, it [...]

  7. This is one of our favorite Dr Seuss books One of the best tongue twister books I ve ever read We ve read it several times and for some reason the six sick part always messes me up I m pretty smooth up until then The I read out loud to my kids, the I realize I read ahead I see a word and digest it, then as I m saying it out loud, I m already reading the next couple of words With this book, that s difficult to do, because I often have to go back a word or two because I ve forgotten what it was, [...]

  8. Because Mockingjay was so intellectually vapid and emotionally bland I have to work my way back into books Thus Fox in Socks He s a clever fox you know.

  9. I don t know what to rate this book I read this aloud to a 3 year old I was babysitting, and I died At the beginning of the book, it says danger I should have been warned Fox in Socks is a book full of tongue twisters, and long too My mouth died 62 times for 62 pages.

  10. A true classic, this children s book engages the imaginative minds of young readers with its rhyming, tongue twisting story Still the best.

  11. The Seuss I read tonightI m going to start reading this every night And I m going to time myself My new goal in life is to always beat my previous best time Ambitious, I know I read it to my daughters 3 times tonight, each time faster than the last What a rush.I ll tell you what s messing me up It s those brooms that Ben and Bim are carring around They re REALLY bugging me.

  12. This book will either help emerging readers be better able to pronounce potentially confusing words, or drive them insane I experienced a little of both I do remember having fun while this was read to me, though.

  13. In Fox in Socks, Dr Seuss poses a treacherous, but delightful linguistic challenge for adults and children alike It is also the only work by the famous children s author prefaced with a warning This book is DANGEROUS Through a series of vignettes on diverse subjects, Dr Seuss melds his trademark silliness with near lethal tongue twisters, including a variant on the infamous The sixth sick sheik s sixth sheep s sick Fox in Socks offers lots of opportunities for grownups Read it in bed with your s [...]

  14. This is an evil kid s book, for sure Pick it up and you ll be condemned to a near eternity of grueling tongue twisters And your kid will love it Not because it s one of Seuss s masterpieces, but because he or she will enjoy watching you sweat like a hog as you labor from page to page and go purple in the face while you silently with any luck curse yourself for buying the thing shelf evil kids books

  15. This book could be my childhood I remember many evenings that my brother I would choose Fox in Socks for our nightly bedtime read.

  16. Aaha classic It s impossible to read the tweetle beetle bottle battle out loud without dissolving into giggles.

  17. My favorite book, ever When I was youngest, I would ask my brother to read it out loud to me When I was older, I would read it to myself, trying to memorize the rhythmic poetry of the crazy fox s shenanigans Maybe this is why there s a talking fox in my second novel Hmm pieces of the puzzle fit together.

  18. I have accomplished many amazing things in my life, and I will be honest, reading this book was one of the hardest of them If you are up for the challenging rhymes of the AMAZING Dr.Seuss, than this book is for you

  19. This was a book I was sure I d get tired and annoyed with after repeated readings, but somehow I haven t It has enough different scenes and characters to keep the book moving and interesting unlike Green Eggs and Ham , and it s enough of a challenge that I enjoy seeing how well I can read the tongue twisters without feeling like I m being tortured Mr Knox was a brilliant addition though He serves as my uptight inner critic who doesn t entirely want to be there, but can t seem to tear himself awa [...]

  20. This book was hard but fun to read because of all the rhyming words I think all readers would enjoy this book My favorite part is We ll find something new to do now Here is lots of blue goo now New goo Blue goo Gooey Gooey Blue goo New goo Gluey Gluey Gooey goo for chewy chewing That s what that Goo Goose is doing Do you choose to chew goo, too, sir If, sir, you, sir, choose to chew sir, with the Goo Goose, chew, sir Do, sir That is REALLY HARD to say A special thanks to my mom for typing this r [...]

  21. Clearly written on a day in which Dr Seuss was annoyed by the wild, shrieking, running children who so often inhabit public places, Seuss has here his sweet, cranky revenge It s awful to read and it never gets easier, and it never gets less funny to the kid to hear their parent stumble over the words Six sick bricks tick Six sick chicks tock There was no need for that Seuss, none I control my offspring in public places Why punish us all

  22. This is a real tongue twisting, head busting, frantic rhyming story that only Dr Seuss could possible get away with I love the full colour artwork, slightly vibrant than his other work that I remember reading, so far

  23. Going back and reading this as a mum is so different from how I remember this book as a child.Not a good choice for a very tired mummy It slowed me down when I wanted to speed up Lots of fun to read My little treasure loves it.

  24. Reading this book out loud is torture Reading it 18 times in a row to a 3 year old is unspeakable I think he wrote this book as a cruel prank toward parents.

  25. Mommy was feeling pretty smug about her tongue twister skills for the first few pages, but things went south quickly.

  26. Druss teaches us lesons In this book he teaches us that we,re not dumb no body is.If you can,t read this book aloud your not dumb.