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The Debt Collector

The Debt Collector Unlimited The Debt Collector - by Jon Mills - The Debt Collector, The Debt Collector Jack Winchester was a notorious hitman for a ruthless New Jersey crime family until a job went wrong and he wound up serving time Four years later Jack is free and he wants out of the game but his

  • Title: The Debt Collector
  • Author: Jon Mills
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Unlimited The Debt Collector - by Jon Mills, Unlimited The Debt Collector - by Jon Mills, The Debt Collector, Jon Mills, The Debt Collector Jack Winchester was a notorious hitman for a ruthless New Jersey crime family until a job went wrong and he wound up serving time Four years later Jack is free and he wants out of the game but his boss won t let him go Forced to take on one last job to make amends for what landed him in prison he travels to the small town of Rockland Cove Maine There he not only dJack Winc. Unlimited The Debt Collector - by Jon Mills - The Debt Collector, The Debt Collector Jack Winchester was a notorious hitman for a ruthless New Jersey crime family until a job went wrong and he wound up serving time Four years later Jack is free and he wants out of the game but his

  • Unlimited The Debt Collector - by Jon Mills
    476Jon Mills
The Debt Collector

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  1. Originally from England but now resides in Canada.Lover of Americanos, Action Movies, Horrors and a good story that moves the heart.

  2. I have read some pretty good suspense novels in the past couple of months and I am very happy that The Debt Collector didn t disappoint me I actually like the fact that this novel is a good mixture of romance and suspense The story is fast paced and very exciting Good plot and nice characters I had an enjoyable read and I would recommend this book to my friends who love suspense novels I am glad that I won a free copy of this book from the First Reads program Thanks for sending me this novel.

  3. Pretty good story that moves along at a good pace, even though it doesn t feel that way while reading Some parts of the plot are predictable, and there is one twist I felt that too much was given up in the synopsis to make it a very suspenseful book, but that s just my view Although it s the beginning of a Winchester series, it does not end with a cliff hanger and can easily be read as a stand alone.

  4. Jack Winchester NJ crime family hitman was finally being released from Riker s prison Freddy Carlone Roy s mobster Louis Roy s mobster were there to pick him up Susan Walsh Rockland Cove HS principal was letting Dana Grant 36 know her Jason son had missed way too many days of school, had been forging her name to the slips Jack arrived at The Pig s Ear boxing gym Bergen County.Roy Gafino NJ mob family leader was there to welcome him back into society.Roy did not like what Jack told him.Freddy Roy [...]

  5. Thrilling and Suspenseful How foolish to think I could walk away unscathed If anything, my previous line of work has shown me that no one can ever outrun his or her past Or truly hide from who they ve become We are the sum total of all our experiences, for good or bad Jack is a perfect blend of badass and, I don t want to say emotional, but he s on the path of trying to become a better man Unfortunately for him, the past just won t let go The story stayed constant and the plotline made for an ex [...]

  6. Quick read, interesting enough Plot is pretty straightforward, not venturing off the beaten paths but the characters development was good enough for me to follow along and enjoy While certainly not the most gripping, thrilling story of all time, it had good moments and I might go on with the next volumes to get to read a bit on the involvement of the Cosa Nostra

  7. Excellent and bloody A true well written book with several twists I am hooked on this series.

  8. We LOVED this book The perfect amount of crime, violence, drama, yet a hint of love story without turning into the focal point of the story Well done We want

  9. I really liked this mob story It was different than most of this type because it showed how a young teen Jack got involved with a New Jersey crime family and stayed with them for about 20 years, becoming a hit man After 4 years in prison, he decided he wanted out of that life but the mob boss wanted him to do one job first He was told it would be a quick in and out job, but it wasn t All he had to do was get the man and the money, but neither were there Just the man s wife and son As Jack tried [...]

  10. The introduction to Jack Winchester, Hitman with a code No Women No Children.I was searching for a new read when the fourth book in this series popped up on my recommended list It had a solid rating and the blurb was interesting to get the first book and see where it leads me.The book drags you in from the start as you meet Jack You discover a good bit about him, and the past that landed him where he is when the story opens By the time the action starts he s already won you over You want him to [...]

  11. The Debt Collector is a thrilling read, a little gory in places, a bit predictable in others As you can read from the synopsis the main character, Jack, is a mafia hit man who wants to go straight The story revolves around the last job which involves an attractive woman and her son Possibly, the major impediment to Jack s invincibility as a hit man is that he doesn t kill women or kids but he is pretty good all the same There s lots of action in this book, lots of bullets to the head You aren t [...]

  12. This is a fast paced suspenseful romantic thriller with good character development with a great storyline and worth reading This is a great start to a new Jack Winchester series with some expected twist and unexpected turns Loved Jacks interaction with Jason and how he was able to get past a teenagers rebellious stance towards life and feeling like his mother is trying to control and smother him Loved the chemistry between Jack and Dana and where things could be headed after putting closure to h [...]

  13. Another first in a series this introduces Jack, freshly released from prison and determined to make a change to his life but first he has to complete one last job for his boss Jack might easily have become a clich the villain with a heart of gold despite his nickname The Butcher of Manhattan he has his rules no women or children and he loves his dog but he avoids becoming that and suffers the consequences Not everyone makes it out alive but tehre is hope at the end of the book that Jack may achi [...]

  14. Although I m a big fan of romantic suspenseful thrillers, I don t usually enjoy ones that are written around the mob They re usually predictable with an over zealous affliction to gory violence This story proved me wrong on so many levels The characters were developed, the violence, although gory, was only included because it added to the story, and I found myself relating to the characters on a level that brought them to life and had me rooting for them, both their survival and their budding re [...]

  15. A good intro to the series.It s always a pleasant surprise to discover a series of books that offers you a new journey with a new author and having just finished the first Jack Winchester book I m looking forward to working my way through the series.The Debt Collector is a well written and entertaining book, almost a Jack Reacher lite Winchester is a classic anti hero, a hit man with a dark past trying to turn his life around and finding a redemption in small town America Although it sounds quit [...]

  16. The Debt CollectorWhat a great thriller I loved the character of Jack Winchester A bad guy who wants to change his ways After a stint in prison he wants out of the criminal life, but it just seems to keep pulling him in After all, it s been all he knew since he was a kid Changing his ways won t be easy And the woman he s falling for doesn t quite trust him yet This was an exciting, action packed thrill ride And, after all Jack has done you find yourself rooting for him I can t wait to dig into t [...]

  17. A well written and fast paced mystery with strong character development that falls apart over the last quarter of the book It is a shame since it starts so strongly, only to end with an author in search of an ending What was first a well written and enjoyable novel becomes a tired movie script, complete with endless fight scene for no apparent reason You know, the scene where it somehow has to end in hand to hand combat even though that makes no sense I won t be reading the other books in the se [...]

  18. Quick Read and A Real WinnerThere were so many positive reviews given this author and the Jack Winchester series I thought I d give Book 1 a chance It didn t take long Finished the first book in less than 24 hours Liked the style and premise so well I went back to and downloaded every book in the Jack Winchester series Couldn t wait to finish Book 1 so I could begin Book 2

  19. Fun readI really enjoyed this book, it s about a man that works for the mob as a collector and at the start of the book he s just getting out of prison and wants to retire but is forced into one last job It s an exciting book with gun fights car chases and some romance Overall it s one of the best books I ve read this year and I can t wait to start the next one It was well written and edited and the story moves along nicely.

  20. Very Enjoyable First book I have read by this author He has written a compelling story with twists and turns, interesting characters, a little mystery and a little romance Put it all together, and you have a page turner I read in one sitting I look forward to experiencing Mr Mills next book in this series.

  21. A nice entertaining readA slightly predictable read, non the less entertaining from start to finish I read books like this at work when I know I may have to leave it half way through a chapter and catch up later Well written with good strong characters leaving you with a desire to want to read the next in the series Thank you Jon Mills.

  22. Debt Collector 1This was a pretty good read overall There were some small niggles with the plot timing towards the end but they didn t distract from the story in any significant way This was similar in ways to the Executioner stories, but it has a better human element the characters are better defined and relatable Looking forward to the next book.

  23. The book was well written as far as I read, but I couldn t handle the subject matter The book gave every indication that I would be reading about violence and possibly torture, and I just don t want to put those images in my brain right now The book was free for me on my Kindle but I couldn t stomach it I have tried to delete it, but so far no success.

  24. Fantastic I went into this story not quite knowing what to expect Honestly I assumed it would be a knock off of Taken I have never been happy to be incorrect Great pacing, great story arc, and just enough romance to spice things up a bit If you enjoy Tom Clancy, do yourself a huge favor and become a fan of Jon Mills.

  25. I m on the fence about this oneI think it was an OK read I think it was a book about a bad guy trying to go straight I think it had a strange love story in it I think it didn t know what it wanted to be Too much of the love story, the gangster part was OK Just not too sure it all jelled.

  26. The story was great The main character, Jack, as well as other characters, was affiliated with the Mob in NY NJ, and the expected violence did not disappoint It was not too graphic The editing proofreading was mediocre, so I gave it only 3 stars.

  27. Very bad ok skipped the main point Don t think it was writer it s was the publisher Bad publishing Would have been a good book of the main part wasn t skipped Waste of my time Should be better proof readers

  28. Brilliant book had me gripped from the beginingBrilliant book,had me gripped from the start with twists and turns through out , just as you thought you knew what was going to happen it took a different turn

  29. What a fantastic free find book I developed a soft spot for Jack and was rooting for him the entire time I read this quick because I couldn t put it down and refused to sleep much until it was over