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Play Ball, Amelia Bedelia

Play Ball, Amelia Bedelia Free Download Play Ball, Amelia Bedelia - by Peggy Parish Wallace Tripp - Play Ball, Amelia Bedelia, Play Ball Amelia Bedelia The lovable hilarious Amelia Bedelia is back filling in for a sick player on the Grizzlies baseball team Watch out Because nobody plays ball like Amerila Bedelia Grade Grade

  • Title: Play Ball, Amelia Bedelia
  • Author: Peggy Parish Wallace Tripp
  • ISBN: 9780060267001
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Hardcover

Free Download Play Ball, Amelia Bedelia - by Peggy Parish Wallace Tripp, Free Download Play Ball, Amelia Bedelia - by Peggy Parish Wallace Tripp, Play Ball, Amelia Bedelia, Peggy Parish Wallace Tripp, Play Ball Amelia Bedelia The lovable hilarious Amelia Bedelia is back filling in for a sick player on the Grizzlies baseball team Watch out Because nobody plays ball like Amerila Bedelia Grade Grade. Free Download Play Ball, Amelia Bedelia - by Peggy Parish Wallace Tripp - Play Ball, Amelia Bedelia, Play Ball Amelia Bedelia The lovable hilarious Amelia Bedelia is back filling in for a sick player on the Grizzlies baseball team Watch out Because nobody plays ball like Amerila Bedelia Grade Grade

  • Free Download Play Ball, Amelia Bedelia - by Peggy Parish Wallace Tripp
    473Peggy Parish Wallace Tripp
Play Ball, Amelia Bedelia

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  1. Peggy Parish was the author of the children s story series Amelia Bedelia The series was continued, after her sudden death from an aneurysm, by her nephew Herman Parish Peggy attended the University of South Carolina and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.Herman honored Peggy s life in his book, Good Driving, Amelia Bedelia, by writing in its dedication For Peggy Parish, the real Amelia Bedelia.

  2. Oh, Amelia Bedelia I loved her as a child, and she still is making young students laugh and connect to words and phrases we say Play Ball serves as a nice, silly connection to my collection of baseball themed books that I ve been introducing and exposing my class to This is typical of Amelia Bedelia, but so much fun I love when she steals the bases and goes home Baseball can be confusing This is a good one, and I love seeing my class choosing to spend some time with Amelia Bedelia.

  3. My boss met Peggy Parish when she my boss was a kid How cool is that Now she Peggy Parish is dead That makes me a bit sad Circle of life and all of that, I know, but I wish Peggy were still writing books I guess her nephew has taken over the Amelia Bedelia franchise Anyway, this is not my favorite Amelia Bedelia book that would be the one where she dusts the furniture and draws the drapes , but this one is good It s pretty hilarious when Amelia Bedelia steals those bases

  4. Baseball fans will love this one There s so much that can go wrong and that Amelia Bedelia can take literally And of course she does and it s great Reading Level 1st 3rd gradesCleanliness someone says my goodness and for gosh sakes Like my reviews I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too These reports give a complete break down of everything in the book, so you ll know just how clean it is or isn t I also have Clean Guides downloadable PDFs which enable you to clean up your book [...]

  5. No children s book collection could be complete without Amelia Bedelia As a kid I was always trying to figure out how Amelia Bedelia would twist the words around or how she would take it literally before I turned the page She is so funny and lovable In this book my favorite has always been when Ameila steals the bases and runs home.

  6. Amelia Bedelia takes on playing ball Oh what will she do now As always, she keeps young readers gussing as to what she ll get into this time Predictable in the sense that she s going to do something wrong, bad wrong, but keeps readers interested to find out what.

  7. I read these books when I was a child, and still have memories of the stupid tales that make me smile These books are great if you have a child in the family even so if you are a child at heart.

  8. I loved reading Amelia Bedelia books as a young child, and I read several of them again as a teenager when I worked at a library This is one of the ones I remember reading My favorite part was when the kids told her to run home

  9. Genre Contemporary realisticReading Level K 2I loved these books growing up and think they are one of those timeless books Amelia Bedelia always makes me laugh with her her mistakes These books have a timeless sense of humor and it is always funny to see what Amelia will do next I feel like this book is great for encouraging independent readers and help kids understand word meaning.

  10. Grade range 2 5Genre Contemporary RealisticThis book was so fun to read It had us all cracking up the entire time This would be so fun to have as a fun read aloud to a group of children, I believe this is something all students could enjoy

  11. This book follows the story of Amelia Bedelia, a kind and endearing woman who tries to help people in any way she can, and a young boys baseball team called the Grizzlies One day, Amelia Bedelia is walking by the baseball field and comes across the Grizzlies, who are down a player Eager to help, she volunteers as a substitute player even though she doesn t know much about baseball The story follows her learning about the game and leading the team to a victory in her own unique way.Ages Early rea [...]

  12. Personally, I loved this book because it was hilarious and teaches a lesson on baseball One day Amelia Bedelia was walking by the baseball field where the Grizzles team was supposed to be playing The team looked pretty sad so she asked what was wrong and they said that one of their players was sick so they could not play in their game that they had that day Amelia Bedelia suggests that she would play and it turns out to be a disaster because everything the team tells her to do, she takes too lit [...]

  13. Amelia Bedelia does her best to play baseball for the Grizzlies when Donnie has measles In the attic, she finds a fancy admiral uniform, then starts cookies to bake Against the Tornados, she tags Jack, puts Dick out, then grabs and holds second base tight safe against stealing When everyone yells to run home, she scoops up all the bases and home plate to ensure a win, then speeds all the way to her kitchen for fresh cookies when her team mates arrive to celebrate.A daisy bedecked hat tops first [...]

  14. Ellie s vocabulary is reaching the sweet spot of being able to read most of these on her own and get most if the jokes I think you can t progress through reading development without reading Amelia Bedelia Imagine being 8 years old and having to use context to draw meaning out of words with five definitions, I imagine it s pretty frustrating, and Amelia provides a way to turn the frustration into humor and absurdity If you haven t seen, there is an online contest every year for kids to produce a [...]

  15. That lovable and easily confused maid, Amelia Bedelia is back for another adventure in a Level 2 I Can Read Book Level 2 books are for children who are beginning to read on their own, but may still need help now and then.Although not as much of a rib tickler as some of the Amelia Bedelia books, Play Ball, Amelia Bedelia, is still a fun book for children It is a great book for a read aloud or for children to read on their own.Continue reading on Examiner Play Ball, Amelia Bedelia book review 13 o [...]

  16. I usually find Amelia Badelia books fun and entertaining to read, but this particular one was not as enjoyable as I imagined it to me The humor was pretty dry and the book did not explain the jokes and instead just moved the story right along, which I think would be confusing for younger students The story is pretty fast paced and moves right along The illustrations are very simple and only use a few colors I think that the pictures could be text enriched and colorful to interest children Overa [...]

  17. I loved the Amelia Bedilia books I ve never laughed so hard while reading a book to my daughter.You know how when you read aloud and your eyes read ahead of what is actually coming out of your mouth, well half the time I was laughing so hard about something before I managed to read it out loud to my daughter She kept giving me weird looks until I finally managed to read it to her It s been quite a few years since I ve read the books but I loved every Amelia Bedilia book and plan on getting ahold [...]

  18. This Level 2 early reader featuring the literal Amelia Bedelia is illustrated by Wallace Tripp These are different than the Amelia Bedelia images I am used to, but still fun and quirky just as is she The short Amelia Bedelia adventure is good on community and great for a boy reader This is another of the three books included in the Amelia Bedelia 50th Anniversary Collection Thanks to HarperCollins for providing a copy for review.

  19. Amelia Bedelia is back with her tendency to take everything literally In this book, she actually steals bases and runs home when she s told to You can imagine how that goes I didn t understand some of the baseball terminology as a child, and I was confused as to why children would want an adult who didn t know how to play on their team at all, but it s still amusing probably so for kids who know baseball.

  20. Oh, Amelia, you and your hijinks I had a little trouble with this as a kid because I wasn t a baseball fan and I didn t know what the words meant any than Amelia did in some cases, and I also didn t know why a bunch of kids would really want her to be on their team, but watching her misinterpret stealing a base and running home was pretty funny These books do a good job highlighting what a bizarre language we have.

  21. I ve only read this book out of the series, but I can tell Amelia is not just funny in this book.Do you consider this book for a girl Well, maybe not exactly I liked this book and I definitely summarized the book easily I not going to share on the review because1 I can t remember it or where it is.2 It would take forever to type.I also can t go onto to Word and do copy and paste because I wrote it by hand Anyways, this is a really good book.

  22. I love all of the Amelia Bedelia books and have ever since i first started reading them when i was younger This one is one of my top picks because of its classic humor throughout the story I always love how Amelia takes everything so literally and in this book, when she does it is just pure comedy This book is easy for the reader to relate to and stay engaged because it is about baseball and that iterests this age group This is a good read for 1 4th grade.

  23. I really enjoyed this one Amelia is minding her own business and comes across boys playing baseball She steps in to play with the team and they give her different positions Because of her being so literal, she takes everything the boys tell her and does totally wrong This story could be used in class on a topic of teamwork and working collaboratively with one another.

  24. Play Ball, Amelia Bedeliaby peggy parisha hilarious story of miss understandingsa great series of mixed up directions and literal meanings, this is a great silly series to show children that mistakes and mix ups are possible if not probable, and that innocence may be of the reason then meaning to do something wrong

  25. The text and pictures go well in bringing out the humor, particularly the double meanings of words like stolen base and home plate This book is limited in vocabulary being a high interest easy reader , but can be a good read aloud for preschool age, who can then learn to read it themselves as they get older.

  26. This is an awesome book to do an activity on predicting This can also be used to teach students how to do text to text connections, etc The students will love this book because it is both engaging and also funny This book will make them want to listen to the book and also make connections between Amelia Bedelia and themselves.

  27. Baseball gets the Amelia Bedelia treatment as she agrees to help out some neighborhood boys with a game against their cross town rivals Another funny look at how words can mean multiple things that kids and parents will enjoy.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

  28. Baseball has been revolutionized by Amelia Bedelia, and readers will be quite entertained This story tells us that even if confused or unsure of something, keeping a positive attitude and trying your best will pay off in the end Any Amelia Bedelia book is a great one, and this one will keep the audience laughing.