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The Crew

The Crew [PDF] The Crew | by ✓ Dougie Brimson - The Crew, The Crew Deception double cross violence and racism are all part of this tale of crime football hooliganism and lengths to which two men on opposite sides of the law will go to achieve their own aimsAppea

  • Title: The Crew
  • Author: Dougie Brimson
  • ISBN: 9780747275879
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] The Crew | by ✓ Dougie Brimson, [PDF] The Crew | by ✓ Dougie Brimson, The Crew, Dougie Brimson, The Crew Deception double cross violence and racism are all part of this tale of crime football hooliganism and lengths to which two men on opposite sides of the law will go to achieve their own aimsAppearances can be deceiving as Paul Jarvis of the National Soccer Intelligence Unit is only too well aware He knows that Billy Evans is no ordinary Cockney lad made good He s aDeception double. [PDF] The Crew | by ✓ Dougie Brimson - The Crew, The Crew Deception double cross violence and racism are all part of this tale of crime football hooliganism and lengths to which two men on opposite sides of the law will go to achieve their own aimsAppea

  • [PDF] The Crew | by ✓ Dougie Brimson
    410Dougie Brimson
The Crew

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  1. In recent years, former serviceman Dougie Brimson has emerged as one of the most diverse writers in Britain Perhaps best known for penning the multi award winning feature Green Street, his writing career began in 1996 when after 18 years service with the RAF, he co authored the best selling non fiction work Everywhere We Go A book that remains essential reading for anyone with an interest in the culture of English football.A further 14 books have followed including the crime thriller The Crew which topped the sports book download charts for two years following its publication in eBook format and the comedy Wings of a Sparrow which after a successful electronic release, was issued in print.In 2003 Dougie made the move into screenwriting first with the critically acclaimed short movie It s a Casual Life and then with his first full length feature, the Hollywood funded Green Street starring Elijah Wood Following its release in September 2005, the film won numerous awards including Narrative Jury Prize SXSW Film FestivalNarrative Feature Audience SXSW Film FestivalBest of Festival Malibu Film FestivalJury Award feature Malibu Film FestivalOfficial Selection Tribeca Film FestivalMay 2014 saw the release of his second feature, an adaptation of his own novel, Top Dog Directed by Martin Kemp The Krays, Eastenders the film took the Best Feature award at the British Independent Film Festival as well as the Best Actor Leo Gregory , Best Supporting Actor Ricci Harnett and Best Supporting Actress Lorraine Stanley awards It has also been nominated in the Best Action Film category at the National Film Awards 2015 A third feature, the urban revenge thriller, We Still Kill The Old Way starring Ian Ogilvy, James Cosmo, Steven Berkhoff and Danni Dyer was released on 16th December 2014 It has been nominated in numerous categories, including Best Action Film at the 2015 Action Elite Awards Other film projects in development include adaptations of his comedy novels Wings of a Sparrow and Billy s Log, Mister One Hundred a biography of Welsh darts legend Leighton Rees , Boots on the Ground a drama about a British soldier injured in Afghanistan and Three Greens a modern day reworking of the classic movie The League of Gentlemen.

  2. I was aware of Dougie Brimson as a hooligan writer, but have never read his body of work up to now.This is his first novel, and I must say it pleasantly surprised me Perhaps my expectations were set low, and so easily exceeded, but the book rattles along at a good pace, the characterisations were realistic and involving.I certainly didn t see where the plot was heading and it worked well I expected a trite football hooligan story, but this delivered a lot .

  3. I thought I had an understanding of British soccer hooligans, but Dougie Brimson s The Crew is an in depth novelization of the hooligan life and the police response to it This topic seems to have dominated Brimson s writing career since 1997 Hooliganism is an odd subculture of sport, which we we ve only seen in diminutive form in the United States small riots when teams win small riots when they lose the occasional fight at a baseball or football game But British hooliganism, and European hoolig [...]

  4. This novel follows a desperate attempt by the police to pin down Evans, the assumed leader of one of the country s top firms and the lengths they ll go to, to get him They convince read coerce an arrested hooligan to go in as an informant, hoping to get evidence on Evans and finally be able to convict him The police know something huge is going to happen on this trip to Rome but they just can t work out what it is.This novel is as much as thriller as anything else, with copious amounts of viole [...]

  5. First book downloaded from kindle cos it was free Still Free Not really my interests, football, hooliganism but.Soon swept up with the momentum Well worth tdownloading.

  6. Now this is a book that I ve wanted to read for a long time, but never got round to So I was very happy to have finally read it over the past few days It s one of those books however that I don t think needs a massive review, and with nearly 450 reviews on alone I don t know what else I can say that hasn t been said before First published in 1999, you can find out about it s conception over on Dougie s website here Very interesting to see how the book came to fruition I read a few hooligan book [...]

  7. British hooligan authority Brimson turns his hand to fiction in this surprisingly readable bit of pulp about a top hooligan and the policeman with a sworn vendetta against him The plot is fairly simple, DI Paul Jarvis of the National Football Intelligence Unit watched a fellow policeman die a few years previously in a hooligan rampage orchestrated by Billy Evans Fast forward a few years and Evans is a top man and a semi respectable used car dealer Jarvis discovers Evans is planning something big [...]

  8. Brilliant I d give this book four and a half stars if I could The story is very easy to follow I didn t think Evans character was solid at first but by the end of the book I got it Using this story as a sort of prelude it isn t exactly into Evan s character being the protagonist in the next is a great idea I kind of lost touch with the whole exporting cars idea I would have to go back and re read it again to fully comprehend I am a fast reader so I normally get the main Crux of the book and can [...]

  9. This one is probably for the fellas but having said that I did enjoy it I even had a bit of empathy with Fitch one of the baddies The only thing I didn t really like about this one was the ending not because it was badly written or anything but because it didn t end the way it should have in my head oD Maybe that s what made it such a good read On the whole, it s a good insight into the hooligan culture and a bit of an eye opener o

  10. I read Dougie Brimson s non fiction books about football hooliganism while researching my latest novel and found them informative and helpful I decided to give this novel a go Plenty of insight into the mind of the football hooligan, interspersed with a gripping story that kept me interested right to the end.

  11. As someone who has been heavily involved in the policing and stewarding of football I found this a fantastic read It is a great insight into the world of football hooligans but not for the faint hearted I loved the ending too even if it was met with an involuntary expletive Read this and then buy Top Dog to find out what happens next

  12. This isn t my usual read, but it was free on I was sucked in within a few pages and couldn t wait to see what happened The last couple of chapters were a bit strung out I found, but other than that I really enjoyed it, and will happily pay for the follow up.

  13. Gripping and pacy, a fascinating study of the hooliganism surrounding football in the UK of the 1990s and how the author s specialist police unit dealt with it I ve never read anything like this before, but it entertained me and I shall read by this author I didn t see the final twist.

  14. This book let s you feel the characters The hooliganism is a secondary story to the main plot but I found I wanted to keep on turning the pages The ending was a bit blunt but what s the point of a book always finishing how you expect it to

  15. It s violent, gritty and raw in places, but this book is gripping and tense throughout The story is fast paced and entertaining and it s definitely one that once you ve started it, you won t want to put it down.

  16. I m not really a football fan, but to be honest it doesn t matter The book is really a page turner It s a crime thriller with a twist It s not generally long and quit enjoyable.

  17. Really enjoyed reading this Probably not the ending that everyone would expect but still a shock anyway Will defi try and read the next book in the series

  18. Not my usual type of read, it was fine as a quick airplane read Gives you a good fictionalised view of hooliganism from the perpetrator and police view.

  19. Was an ok book, sometimes a little far fetched on the side of the police I think just my thoughts really however was an easy book to read.i did enjoy it.

  20. What a great read and can t wait to read from this author I definitely will recommend this book to others

  21. Pretty much run of the mill crime with some hooligans thrown in storyfairly ho hum until a decent ending that surprised me and added a couple of extra stars Www.facebook 1000cutts

  22. Pretty violent as expected and a good story set around football violence Well written enough to make you dislike characters and their motivation.Good enough to make me want to read the follow up.