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Blood Royal

Blood Royal Blood Royal Best Read || [Vanora Bennett] - Blood Royal , Blood Royal The story of a great queen a woman of enormous courage who made her own rules and a true survivor This is the first in a series of early medieval novels by Vanora Bennett the author of Portrait of

  • Title: Blood Royal
  • Author: Vanora Bennett
  • ISBN: 9780007281930
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Paperback

Blood Royal Best Read || [Vanora Bennett], Blood Royal Best Read || [Vanora Bennett], Blood Royal , Vanora Bennett, Blood Royal The story of a great queen a woman of enormous courage who made her own rules and a true survivor This is the first in a series of early medieval novels by Vanora Bennett the author of Portrait of an Unknown Woman Catherine de Valois daughter of the French king is born in troubled times Brought up in a the stormy and unstable environment of the court her only frieThe story of a. Blood Royal Best Read || [Vanora Bennett] - Blood Royal , Blood Royal The story of a great queen a woman of enormous courage who made her own rules and a true survivor This is the first in a series of early medieval novels by Vanora Bennett the author of Portrait of

  • Blood Royal Best Read || [Vanora Bennett]
    177Vanora Bennett
Blood Royal

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  2. Once upon a time there was a beautiful young princess of France named Catherine who had a mad as a hatter father and a scheming evil mother The poor princess and her younger brother Charles were all but forgotten by their awful parents and wore rags for clothing and had to forage for food One day members of the English King s court came to propose marriage to Catherine and in this company s service was a young Welshman named Owain Tudor Owain and young Catherine became friends of a great scholar [...]

  3. I loved Portrait of an Unknown Woman by Vanora Bennett It was so well done, the characters were well drawn, the relationships realistic and complicated, the story was fascinating and the writing was good I thought it was a really solid and well researched work of historical fiction and I looked forward to reading from this author Sadly I haven t found another novel by her that has even come close to the writing in Portrait of an Unknown Woman I also read Bennett s novel Figures In Silk publishe [...]

  4. A frustrating, long winded read but the ending redeemed itself somewhat Historical details were presented well but in the most boring way imaginable Catherine was a cipher most of the time, until the very end when she stood up for the last thing she could have some control over her marriage and love She was so frustratingly naive, clueless and trusting, I wasn t sure whether it was because Vanora Bennett made her that way to hint at the future Henry VI s traits or whether she had shut herself up [...]

  5. I ve wondered how it was that an English Queen Queen Mother was allowed to live with a non royal lover and their children in an age obsessed with rank and birth Author Venora Bennett presents a scenario of how it began The book covers most of their possible life together At its end Catherine will only have 6 years to live.Could they have met in France during Catherine s late childhood Bennett poses that due to the mental illness of their father and their mother s various preoccupations, Princes [...]

  6. I had to bail on this one just under the 100 pages mark Simply put, it was too syrupy, too saccharine, too clich.Owen Tudor being included in the delegation to the French court to arrange Henry V s match to Katherine of Valois Just about theoretically possible, but then Owen and Katherine actually meeting one on one and immediately becoming BFFs and insta love blossoming This just stretches my suspension of disbelief too far More than that, it s too contrived, too artificial as a reader I m bein [...]

  7. If I start a book, I have to finish it no matter how bad it is There are a few exceptions I could not finish The Host by Stephanie Meyer or The Casual Vacancy by J K Rowling This book almost became an exception to my always finish rule The plot was blah I found myself wanting to skip pages just to find out if Catherine and Owain ever actually get together Anyone who knows anything about 15th century England knows that s how this book has to end but the author sure took her sweet time getting the [...]

  8. Katherine of Valois and her younger brother Charles live in near poverty despite being the children of the King of France Bennett creates a story where Owain Tudor comes to France as part of an English delegation and through the influence of the children s caretaker, he becomes friends with Katherine The story follows Katherine s life through her marriage to Henry V, the struggle for control of her son and their time in France while Owain comes in and out of her life I enjoyed this very much.

  9. Though sure to please those who love to curl up with a big thick historical romance, The Queen s Lover may frustrate some with its meandering plot lines and shifting points of view Too long, too detailed and yet somehow never managing to clarify the political contexts the characters find themselves in to a reader unfamiliar with the early to mid fifteenth century Vanora Bennett describes much of the life of Catherine de Valois a young princess struggling to survive the neglect of her father s wa [...]

  10. While reading about the lives of the main characters, Catherine of Valois, Princess of France and Queen of England, Henry V, her husband, Owain Tudor, a displaced Welsh nobleman, the man Catherine loves, and the famous writer Christine de Pizan, the first feminist, and a large cast of other characters, I frequently asked myself how much poetic licence she took.As children, Catherine and her younger brother Charles, the future king, were neglected under clothed, under fed and under educated Their [...]

  11. I think I was pretending that, in reading this book, I was taking a class in pre Tudor English French relations I had to really goad myself to pick it back up, since the characters were neither interesting nor well drawn even the heroine remained kind of an oddball cipher the whole time I learned a lot, including some about the level of my own ignorance I really didn t have any historical context for Joan of Arc I didn t know what made Tudors Tudors although I m not totally positive that an acad [...]

  12. I enjoyed reading this book after the first 150 pages or so The excessive detail of how to illuminate a book and Owain s adventures in France as a boy were pointless A quote on the book s cover describes Catherine as a woman who lived by her own rules and this could not be further from what is portrayed of her She seems weak and powerless and submissive throughout the majority of the novel Bennett doesn t even make it as though it was Catherine s boldness and bravery that led her to be Tudor s w [...]

  13. I really liked Portrait of an Unknown Woman learned so much about Thomas More, and Holbein it was a ticket to lots of interesting reads.Then I read Figures in Silk, which was very ordinary Though not terrible.And then this Perfectly awful On page 50 I had to take stock and wonder why I was subjecting myself to this clumsily told way over the top historical fiction.I made the right decision and stopped.

  14. This book is nice and easy to read but it kind of reads as generic historical fiction rather than anything specific to a time or place or person I somehow have difficulty wrapping my mind around the concept that Owen Tudor was hanging out with Christine de Pisan in Paris and loving the intellectual life and falling in love with the still unmarried Princess Catherine Is it possible I mean, sure, as far as I know which is not very Does it seem likely Uh, no There are also a lot of infodumps pages [...]

  15. The Queen s Lover is a historical fiction novel set in France and England, centering on Catherine de Valois, the fifteenth century French Princess and great grandmother of Henry VII, founder of the Tudor dynasty The novel begins with Katherine s tumultuous childhood as a poor little rich girl, living unloved and neglected in the shadows of her shrewish, promiscuous mother, Queen Isabeau of Bavaria and her mad father King Charles VI of France As a royal princess, Catherine is a valuable commodity [...]

  16. I just couldn t get into this book It seemed to drag on without really giving the reader that hook to continue reading I rarely just stop reading a book, but this is one I couldn t read any of Disappointed.

  17. During the 100 year war, little Catherine de Valois had much to worry about Her father, the King of France was mad her mother an adulterer her brothers, uncles, and cousins were destroying France with their infighting England had invaded and won and she and her brother Charlie were all but completely neglected by their parents and the palace staff But, to make things worse, Catherine had fallen in love with a landless, title less Welshman Promised in marriage to the conquering King Henry V of En [...]

  18. Here s my review of the hardcover version for AP The Queen s Lover William Morrow, 592 pages, 25.99 , by Vanora Bennett If ever there was a poor little princess, it was Catherine de Valois Born to the mad King Charles VI of France and the unfaithful _ some would say depraved _ Queen Isabeau, Catherine grows up neglected, often lacking food, clean clothing and supervision She seeks escape in marriage with King Henry V, who is in the midst of overrunning France after winning a decisive victory at [...]

  19. As soon as I sat down and cracked this book open, I was whisked away into the world of 15th century France as effectively as if I had experienced it firsthand The love story at the core between Owain Tudor and Catherine de Valois is charming and well done, and although I knew the history behind it and the eventual outcome, Bennett does a terrific job of immersing her readers enough to forget the history and bite their nails, wondering how the characters will ever find a way to wind up together B [...]

  20. I picked this up cause I was really curious about Catherine and Owen, after all they spawned the Tudor dynasty It was interesting how the author imagined Catherine and Owen came to be together I like how they met in the early days of their youth and the story ended on a high notewith their marriage well possible time frame since no one knows for sure.As interesting as the author imagined the interactions between the two over the years.I honestly did not like the two of them at all Catherine was [...]

  21. I love historical fiction, and I chose this book because I know almost nothing about the Tudors before Henry VIII Unfortunately, as other reviewers have noted, there are too many outlandish ideas presented to make the story credible I don t expect absolute historical accuracy this is fictionalized but I do expect believable descriptions As a Princess, Catherine had far too much freedom even within such a dysfunctional family and I found it farfetched that she would have any opportunity to be alo [...]

  22. The first half of this book was pretty exciting Taking place in France and following the teenage life of Catherine de Valois, the story is about the princess, her grotesque and selfish mother, her father the king suffering bouts of madness, and of course, miscellaneous dukes fighting constantly for control of the kingdom Catherine is much like many a modern day teenager She wishes to marry in order to escape her dysfunctional family However, the man she has fallen in love with, is not of royal b [...]

  23. The characters were beautifully drawn Owen Tudor, the young Welshman whose family lost everything in rebellion against England Princess Catherine, the beautiful, neglected daughter of a meddlesome mother and a mad father The two meet in France when Owen meets Catherine de Pizan, the poet, and she introduces him to Catherine and her younger brother Charles Christine anticipates that Owen can help Catherine and Charles to overcome their traumatic memories of the on going French and inter family up [...]

  24. A back and forthian novel of the romance between the Catherine of France sister of Charles VI who married Henry V of England and Owen Tudor, ancestors of Henry Tudor, Henry VII, of England, from Owen s arrival in France in the train of the Duke of Clarence with the Lancastrian offer for Catherine s hand before Henry s campaign that led to Agincourt The book covers the long negotiations for the marriage, the French battles between the Duke of Burgundy and the ruling house of France that would inc [...]

  25. I find myself in at least two minds about this book I have a great regard and respect for Vanora Bennett as a writer, in fact I think Portrait of an Unknown Woman is a truly exceptional book Blood Royal is not badly written by any means, there are no massive historical errors that I could find just the odd strange cadence perhaps and it was very clever to write Owain Tudor into the story at so early a stage, before Catherine even meets Henry V There s an interesting depiction of Christine de Piz [...]

  26. I found this an interesting story I had wanted to read something about the start of the Tudor family line and understand how Owain came to marry a former queen and a princess of the French royalty.The overall read was good, however, I did find the use of Your Majesty unusual as from other discussions with other HF readers, that term came about in the Tudor era meaning Henry VIII if I am not mistaken.It did give some ideas as to the kinds of behaviour exhibited by both Charles VI of France and la [...]

  27. In the novel The Queen s Lover Vanora Bennett explores the world of Catherine de Valois a young French princess born in turbulent times into a family of mistrust, murder, and mental illness, where her next meal is never a guarantee even while she is surrounded by riches that the peasants around her cannot imagine The reader is absorbed into the world of a young woman making her way in a family where mental illness controls the leader of her family and the ruler of her country her Father the king [...]

  28. Over the last few years I ve read a large number of historical fiction books about some of the most strong women in history Queen Catherine can proudly take her place among them.Although I knew some of the other names in this story Joan of Arc this story was one I was unfamiliar with Catherine, the grandmother to King Henry VII, led a life that was quite expectedly filled with its fair share of misery But she was blessed with one bit of goodness, the friendship of Owain Tudor.Owain, as a Welshma [...]

  29. I thoroughly enjoyed this historical fiction about Catherine de Valois and Owain Tudor, both of whom are people I knew of, but not a lot about.Ms Bennett does a superb job of bringing the time period to life Her characterizations are deft and sure She has the courage to allow even a French princess and her Welsh commoner lover to be ordinary and that speaks volumes about her as a writer because sometimes people are just that ordinary and that s the extraordinary thing about them, eh I was partic [...]

  30. Read under the title Blood Royal , rather than the alternative title of The Queen s lover this is the fictionalised story of French Catherine, her marriage to English King Henry V and her long term friendship with Owain Tudor It s is the offspring of the latter marriage that ultimately become the Tudor family, producing Henry VIII.Other reviewers complain about the apparent falsehoods in this story I have no idea whether the plot lines are true or not But it can be certain that in a male dominat [...]