GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Review 2019 – See the Truth!

Ever since I started writing blogs, I have always used only GoDaddy hosting services. I had a WordPress blog on GoDaddy before it rolled out GoDaddy managed WordPress hosting. Trust me, ever since then GoDaddy has improved a lot in providing hosting services to small WordPress publishers like you and me.

If you are a newbie who has just started his blogging journey then GoDaddy’s managed WordPress hosting is the best for you. There are some of the reasons why I say this. Lets have a look at GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Review.

GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Review

1. One-click installation is faster

Earlier if we have to install WordPress or any other CMS on cPanel of hosting account, it was a tiresome process. With one-click installation, you can save a hell lot of time. Newbie bloggers now don’t have to worry about all technical stuff about how to introduce CMS on cPanel because Godaddy managed WordPress takes care of all that.

No manually download of WordPress software and uploading it back to cPanel. We already know the reasons why we have to move from Blogger to WordPress. It also offers easy migration of Blogger’s blog now and with one-click installation, your WordPress blog may get ready in less than 20 minutes. This helps newbie bloggers to being more productive as a blogger because your blog starts in fewer minutes than before.

2. Free domain name with your first purchase

So you just started your new WordPress blog or you want to start one? How you will fell if you get a free domain with your first hosting purchase? I am sure it will be exciting for all of us. As a newbie WordPress blogger, you may just want to try out your new blogging idea for 12 months or you want to start event blogging. 

GoDaddy managed WordPress hosting allows you to try that combination. So you don’t have to worry about paying for a domain as a new WordPress blogger. Although you will have to pay for it when you renew, it eases out the process for at least 12 months and upto 12 months you’ll get it for free.

3. No more comment spamming on your blog

I remember when I first purchased GoDaddy’s shared hosting. My WordPress blog started getting so many spam comments right from the first day but GoDaddy managed WordPress hosting takes care of that too. Trust me, it is no less than magic. Its a great move by GoDaddy LLC. That saves time too because trashing all those spam comments is no longer required as GoDaddy Hosting automatically detect it as spam.

4. Automatic upgrades of WordPress software

In the past time when huge numbers of shared hosting was slanting, one must need to download the most recent updates of WordPress at whatever point it discharge and set it back to server which is exceptionally exhausting procedure however GoDaddy tackled that as well. WordPress changes its adaptation at so quick pace that keeping up with their redesigns took a considerable measure of time of bloggers before. GoDaddy oversaw WordPress dealt with it. You get an email when your WordPress is redesigned. Its cool. isn’t that so? This too causes you in being more beneficial.

5. Free is bad but cheap is fine

GoDaddy managed WordPress is accessible for as less as $1/month. Presently think as another blogger. You might not have any desire to spend much on your first WordPress blog since you are as yet battling with your substance and you mean to blog a considerable measure in facilitate years.

GoDaddy managed WordPress comprehends your necessities and enables you to begin at an extremely cheap rate with their essential arrangement. You can simply update at whatever point your gathering of people increments. Not only this, in the event that you remain with them for longer years then you may get some markdown over a telephone on some arbitrary days as well.

6. Speeds up your WordPress blog

GoDaddy managed WordPress hosting provides unlimited bandwidth. If you site is flooded with visitors then you don’t have to worry about the speed. Shared hosting had problems in maintaining speed of the WordPress blogs but managed WordPress hosting took care of that too. Managed WordPress has “Flush Cache” button and with one click you can clear cache of the website. It speeds up your blog.

 7. Test your blog on a temporary domain 

When you introduce managed WordPress, you get a temporary domain alongside it. You can really observe your site live on this temporary area. So it causes you in judging how your last site will look like on your primary area. It encourages you to make your site prepared before you outline to your last space.

8. Protects your blog from black-listed plugins 

It shields your blog from modules which have security dangers and other malware. So you neither have to stress over any modules which have dangers nor about modules which are refreshed with new dangers. GoDaddy immediately expels any such modules and illuminates you back by means of email.

9. Your website is up and running always

Not at all like shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting has next to zero downtime. Its been around 29 months since I have facilitated my this blog on GoDaddy managed WordPress hosting and I have encountered no downtime. It is up and running since the very first moment. This is an incredible service and each yearning blogger should exploit it.

10. Globally improved support

Regardless of where you stay, GoDaddy has got support for all. It has enhanced in its client services. Regardless of whether you are a little WordPress Publisher or an important client having committed hosting with GoDaddy, it treats all similarly with regards to help. Managed WordPress clients are likewise regarded when it comes giving client benefit. It also has multi-lingual support for countries having crowd who speaks different languages.

These are the reasons worth considering when one is choosing about which hosting provider they should buy for their WordPress blog. GoDaddy Hosting has got everything and you can move with it with no stresses.

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