Guest Blogger Guidelines

Itching to Be a Responsibly Digital Guest Blogger?

Responsibly Digital accepts guest posts from third parties. But not just any guest posts – we’re looking for content that rocks. Want to get your content onto Responsibly Digital? Here are our basic requirements.

Write Something Amazing

Tell us something we don’t already know about the world of IT and express it in a way that’ll be interesting and engaging for our readers. Oh, and we’re suckers for a great story; if you can wrap your content around a storyline – or even get personal that gets our attention. And do use spellcheck. We love a clean copy.

Do It In Your Own Words

Sorry, we can’t accept content you’ve already posted on or submitted to other websites (you know, the whole SEO and duplicated content stuff). When we accept your article, it must be original content for our site and our site only.

Keep In Mind that We May Make Changes

Our editors will often polish your content for grammar and clarity. And yes, you will get the opportunity to preview the changes before it is published.

Write In a Style That Reflects What’s On Responsibly Digital

Before you submit your content, check out the site. Read a little and get a feel for the tone and quality of the writing. Our articles are 600 to 1,200 words in length and we are sticklers for good Web writing practices.

Don’t Get Self Promotional

Your article will include a bio. This is your chance to talk yourself up all you want – and include a link to your own blog or website. Keep the article itself informative and entertaining, and steer clear of self-promotion. You may include a maximum of two off-site links, but they need to informative and relevant, and as per Google’s guidelines, these need to be rel=”nofollow. If they’re commercial or promotional in nature, we’re just not interested. Our staff will, however, promote you and the content you produce through social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. We multiply your efforts in promoting your reputation.

Attribute All Facts, Statistics, and Quotes

If possible, include links and sources for your research. If you don’t, we might not believe you. And neither will our readers. If you’ve conducted an interview, provide the interviewee’s email address.

Include a Bio

Include a bio of up to 300 words to appear with your article, including a link to your blog or website and social media handles. You may also include your smiling semblance with a headshot pic of 250 x 250 pixels.

How to Submit:

Email your submission to If your post is accepted, you’ll hear from us. Unfortunately, due to the volume we receive, we can’t guarantee you a reply.

One way or the other, we most certainly thank you for your interest!


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