InterServer Hosting Review – See the Truth!

If you are struggling to find a hosting providing company that can accommodate your high requirements without lacking major features, then you should end your search from here and give the Interserver a try. Read InterServer Hosting Review Here.

Now, why are we recommending it?

Sales speak it for itself when the company is growing at a rapid state; then it is the sign that it is doing delivering the results which promised to customers. Their customer base is increasing over time, and people are re-ordering their services.

What does InterServer have to offer?

The hosting provider is reliable while they maintain cheaper solutions, which is considered as an alternative. Many hosting companies are offering the same features, while the differences are in price and Interserver winning at it.

Interserve has promised an uptime of 99.9%, which they have delivered as they have promised. Security is a selling point, so the company has improved their security to another level, so there will no issue from a security standpoint.

InterServer Customer Support

We have already said that customer care is the lifesaver when it comes to keeping your online experience flawless. Never compromise when it comes to customer care because hosting account consists of a server, which comes with technical problems. However, having responsive customer care can solve the problem in minutes.

Now, the company has smartly trained their technical team, so the executives help you resolve all issues you have with the hosting account. The executives are well-trained, and they will provide you assistance 24/7 and 365 days, which means you can seek assistance whenever you need.

Note – You can contact via email support and phone. Do not mistake that Interserver has a chat option.

InterServer Hosting Plans and Packages

Pricing does matter when it comes to people who are looking for an affordable plan for their website. The Interserve has interesting packages if you compare it with other brands. Especially, cloud VPS, in simple words, you can get cloud VPS servers for $6/Month (Single core.) If you are planning to run a website which has less than 300k traffic a month, this is a good choice, but you can run one website at a fast rate on cloud VPS package ($6/month.)

You can customize your plan and buy the VPS account from Interserver. The packages come into various categories like Web hosting, Reseller hosting, VPS & cloud, Quick servers, and Dedicated servers.

Interserver is growing at a tremendous rate, and their services speak for themselves.



In the end, I am not going to say that they are perfect and no one can match with them etc. etc. There are many other services in the market too. But I have shared here what’s my experience with them and why you should consider them as your choice for Web Hosting. The point is that if you are looking for reliable, cheap and a fast hosting solution for your website then they should be your next choice.

If I remember, only once I have gone into a problem i-e the website loading speed suddenly decreases one day but they soon fix it in almost 30-60 minutes. Till now I am using and enjoying their services for a year and there has never been a problem. Website loading speed is also awesome and super fast.

Considering all the factors in mind, the only words I have to say are that they are awesome, trustworthy, responsive and kind to their customers and I am going to be their regular and returning customer.

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