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How To Setup A Killer Amazon Affiliate Website 2019

Step By Step Guide To Make Money Online

I must need to tell you that building a successful Amazon affiliate website is not for the one who want to get result quick without putting much efforts. Making Money blog or affiliate website takes a very full proof planning, an absolute amount of knowledge about affiliate site as well as coding and most importance self confidence and lots of patience.

If you think you have any of it than I’m 100% damn sure that you are going to make money online by setting up a killer Amazon Affiliate Website and start growing your digital career and business. So, are you planning to setup one of money making website or amazon affiliate website but stuck at somewhere?

So, Let me tell you the solution is simple as I’m writing here complete blueprint on How to Setup A Killer Amazon Affiliate Website!!!

What Makes The “Perfect” Amazon Affiliate Website?

Before we started blueprint, Let me quickly go though the fundamentals of the build, which is must behind setup a killer amazon affiliate website. As we quickly go through this, one should realize that every decision made has been done with keeping objectives of a profit-driving affiliate site in mind.

In order to understand the build you must need to learn the key principles of a highly-optimized, successful Amazon affiliate website.

So, let’s go through it quickly. This site must need following 10 objects.

1 . Hosting

2. Unique and engaging Content

3. Attractive Theme

4. Advance Analytics

5. Security

6. SEO

7. Page Builder for Customization

8. Advance Link Management

9. Product Display

10. Link Localization

PHASE #1: The Foundation

This phase is all about foundation for the Amazon Affiliate site, and it contains all the fundamental elements of the site. As these decisions have been made with keep in mind about the affiliate or niche site model, the fundamental described here are almost true in each case, regardless of which type of  niche or affiliate site you’re building.

Hosting (And Domain)

Hosting is the first and basic need of any site or blog, and as it’s also a main considerable point which can lead to failure of your whole business, so, it’s necessary to take this importance decision at early age of business or while starting.

We Personally Choose:  A2 Hosting 

A2 Hosting is undoubtedly one of the most perfect hosting companies out there at the moment, and it’s almost always our go-to provider for any new sites we build nowadays.

Why We Choose A2 Hosting ?

  • 99.99% server uptime and very good speeds.
  • Backups are automatically created and stored every day for longer span of time.
  • Live chat support with almost no waiting time to speak to an experienced and technical sound chat agent.
  • 1-click CMS installation via Control Panel.

GoDaddy and InterServer are also good choices, but they just didn’t tick as many boxes as A2 Hosting for this particular build.

Content Management System (CMS)

The CMS can described as the “skeleton” of your money making site, which allows you to organize and manage everything from pages, posts and even media. It also offers a numbers of ways to increase your sites functionality without much use of coding.

We Personally Choose: WordPress

WordPress is a free and open-source CMS that is estimated to power almost 26% of all websites available on Google. There’s no surprise considering it’s by far the most supported & versatile CMS.

Why We Choose WordPress ?

  • user friendly & totally intuitive user interface.
  • ​When there is debate on whether it’s “well coded”, it undoubtedly performs well in terms of speed and security.
  • Constantly getting updates to maintain a top level of security.
  • Has the most comprehensive plugin/addons library of any CMS.

If you want to learn how to setup WordPress Read my comprehensive Guide Here.


You can’t build a WordPress site without activating a theme. Your theme sits on top of your CMS and is responsible for the overall Design, look and functionality of your site.

We Personally Choose: GeneratePress

GeneratePress is one of the great themes available in the market, as it says on the simple, lightweight and free — though we will recommend paying $40 for Premium  theme so that we can get more customization options.

Why We Choose GeneratePress?

  • The code is super lean and highly-optimized for speed and performance
  • Well maintained to account for potential security fixes as well as being regularly updated with new and useful features
  • Minimal conflicts with plugins and other addons
  • Allows for plenty of design and layout customization through the theme settings
  • Support offered via GeneratePress premium member forum is outstanding
  • The developer has openly stated that he’s in it for the long haul

PHASE #2: The Bolt-Ons

At this moment, we’ve already set up a hosting , installed a WordPress as CMS, and even installed GeneratePress as a theme. Let me tell fact that for most of beginners this is where their affiliate site build typically ends.

Undoubtedly, what we’re building here isn’t just an regular or ordinary Affiliate Site. We’re creating something great that includes the design & functionality principles of this website. In other words, something best that can be defined as the perfect boost for a successful amazon affiliate website.

So, as we all know that this is enough to get going though we’ll go further to start bolting on some extra functionality beyond than normal site thinking.

This will include:

  • Some normal additions that I recommend to add in any new website.
  • And, of course, some additions that are very specific and must required to Money Making Amazon Affiliate Website.

Web Analytics

Website analytics are the one and only way to perfectly measure and track the growth of your affiliate marketing or conversation rate, and doing so is must important in order to identify what’s really moving the needle in your Affiliate Site.

We Personally Choose: Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most popular analytics of the web analytics world, and the free software given by Google does anything you should expect from an perfect analytics service.

Why We Choose Google Analytics?

  • ​It offers perfect detailed traffic reporting.
  • ​It allows you to find your best performing content based on various metrics.
  • It provides real-time reporting like user location, traffic source, search keyword etc.
  • You can even set up goal tracking around metrics like URL destination, visit duration in Google Analytics without paying any bucks.

Additional Security

Even with a solid CMS like WordPress and a well-coded theme like GeneratePress, savvy hackers can still penetrate your site as you are making money through it. You must pay attention to significantly reduce the chances of this by adding some extra layer of security.

We Personally Choose: WordFence

Wordfence one of the best security plugin available in WordPress. It install straight into your WordPress Plugins and gets to work immediately to protect your site against comprehensive threat .

Why We Choose WordFence ?

  • It allows you to set up 2 Factor Authentication.
  • It offers strong and regularly updated firewall protection to your WordPress or Affiliate Site.
  • Allows for affiliate site scanning of core WordPress files, themes and plugins for malware, code injections and backdoors if any.
  • ​Compares your site files with original, WordPress repository versions to identify and repair compromised areas of your site.

Search Engine Optimization

Every Amazon Affiliate website must take advantage of organic search traffic from search engines. Tools that include in on-page optimization offer quick wins in that race, and often lead to significant increase in traffic to your Affiliate Website.

We Personally Choose: Yoast SEO

As we all know that WordPress is well-optimized for SEO purposes, Yoast SEO gives you extra settings that would otherwise require custom coding or dedicated plugins.

Why We Choose Yoast SEO ?

  • ​It offers real time analysis, including support for all available page builder.
  • ​You can see snippet previews of your meta title and description, which also can be edit as per requirement.
  • ​It handles all the background technical stuff required for on-page SEO.
  • It also offers a inbuilt readability checks of your content.

Page Design

Normally, WordPress theme always takes care of customization in terms of design, but, there are number tools available in WordPress repository that make the design process more smoother for your website.

Page builder’s work more smoother as they override the standard WordPress editor, which is notoriously bad for anything outside of basic content production.

We Personally Choose: Elementor

Elementor is totally marketing-oriented, visual front-end page builder for WordPress and one of the best options available for affiliate marketing professionals. It’s particularly best in terms of creating things like tables, star ratings, as well as support for inline editing.

Why We Choose Elementor ?

  • It’s easy to use, especially in comparison to most other page builders available on WordPress.
  • It has a very huge selection of elements, and particularly elements that are more marketing-oriented.
  • The front-end editing makes creating long-form content a breeze.
  • It has a huge template library, and allows you to save and reuse individual sections.

Link Management

Link management plugins mainly allow you to build up a tons of library of commonly used affiliate links, so you can insert them as many times as you want throughout your affiliate site while only having to update the link from one predefined location.

We Personally Choose: Thirsty Affiliates

Thirsty Affiliates is a WordPress plugin which mainly offers a suite of tools to help affiliate marketers monetize their money making affiliate site quickly and efficiently. At its most basic level, it’s also a pretty good link management plugin for affiliates.

Why We Choose Thirsty Affiliates ?

  • ​You can easily add new links from the dashboard.
  • You can easily make no-follow affiliate links with the single click of a button.
  • It has also link click reporting to see how many people are clicking on your affiliate links.
  • ​It’s now totally Amazon compliant.

Product Boxes & Tables

Using product boxes and tables to show your product recommendations has been a tradition for affiliate websites. The good news is, there are plugins available which make it super easy to implement them without coding.

We Personally Choose: Amazon Associates for WordPress

Amazon Affiliate for WordPress is a perfect plugin to this affiliate site as it allows you to quickly pull in product information in the form of tables and product boxes. Best thing is that, it does it all through Amazon’s API so it’s 100% compliant with Amazon’s ToS.

Why We Choose Amazon Associates for WordPress ?

  • ​It’s totally Amazon-compliant.
  • ​Easily create product boxes throughout your content.
  • ​Easily create product tables with comparisons to give readers a quick overview.
  • ​Automatically applies your Amazon affiliate link to every product box.
  • Comes with a huge number of templates and predesigned layouts.

Link Localization

Unless you plan to have a region oriented affiliate website, it’s not necessary that your affiliate offers will be relevant to every person who visits your site. That’s why link localization, which redirects users to their respective country’s Amazon store, is a godsend for capturing lost revenue and increase conversation rate.

We Personally Choose: Amazon OneLink

OneLink is fairly new, and it currently only supports some handful countries only. Regardless to say, this is a very welcome replacement of GeniusLinks, which is a popular third-party alternative that does carry some risk in terms of Amazon compliance.

Why We Choose Amazon OneLink ?

  • ​Very easy and user friendly setup.
  • ​Works with Amazon stores in US, Canada, UK, Italy, France, Spain, Germany and Japan.
  • ​Link redirection is pretty fast, and barely even noticeable by user.
  • OneLink is from Amazon, so it’s totally compliant with their ToS.


So there you have it, a complete Killer Amazon Affiliate website build that incorporates the fundamental principles and functions of a successful affiliate site.  A framework that allows you to skip the usual BS and get straight to what really moves the needle.

Producing content and building links.

Let me know in the comments if that’s something you’re interested in, and if there’s anything I can do to improve this format.

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