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How to Find Low Competitive Keywords For Amazon Affiliate Sites

I’m in the game of SEO and Affiliate marketing since a long time and so i can say that earlier the process for find low competitive keywords is pretty simple.

All you just have to open Google Keyword Planner, find bunch of keywords with low or medium competition and just wrote article on it. and trust me your article was ranked with little to no effort or only with on-page SEO.

With the passing years as awareness on blogging increased drastically things have been changed very much….

That’s reason now everyone is running behind Low Competition Keywords as it helps to jump start a new site and give it a push.

In Blogging or Affiliate marketing Keyword Research is most basic and necessary aspect to get succeed and many bloggers fails in start just because they are ignoring part of keyword research which is most important.

So, If you are struggling to find out Low Competition Keywords for  Amazon Affiliate Site…..

Then trust me you’ll love this guide as it will help you find Low Competition Keywords with little to no efforts.

I mostly use Ahrefs, Ubersuggest and Google Keyword Planner for Keyword Research, but Ubersuggest is the perfect tool for Keyword Research for Low Competitive Keywords.

In this Guide, I’m targeting keyword for an Amazon Affiliate Site as you are going to money making site and want to rank it.

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How to Find Low Competitive Keywords For Amazon Affiliate Sites

Firstly we’ll make a list of Amazon Affiliate site which already ranks well on Google search for Multiple products as well as categories. To find out such site you don’t have to waste your energy as I’m mentioning some of sites below:


These site are already have high authorities and ranked well on search engine for various products of Amazon.

Hence as you already selected niche for your affiliate site, you’ll find articles written about on any of sites and as they rank for a various keywords, finding low competitive keywords will be easy.

Most important thing is that when you’re trying to find keywords at a same time you’ll even find so many competitor site for research and back links. In this way sometimes you will get some best keywords which you haven’t imagined even in your dreams.

For this Guide, I’ve selected ‘Headphone’ niche which is a fairly competitive and effective niche, and you can find a lots of keywords that will be very easy to rank with.

So Let’s get started

Step 1: Enter the URL of any one of these 5 sites into Ubersuggest, I’m using ‘’ for this Guide.

As we can see, has very good stats. They rank for over 34 Thousands Keywords and had almost 1.1 lacs organic traffics. so, even if you’ve not decided any niche, you can check the ‘Top Pages’ Section to find multiple niche ideas based on country.

Further moving into Step 2, click on ‘Keyword Ideas’ link on the left sidebar.

Step 2: As shown in below picture, type “best headphone” in the search section.

“Best” is one of the popular keyword when we are finding keyword for Amazon Affiliate Site.

Now let’s move further into Step 4

This next step is must, and you’ll need to perform it 2-3 times to get multiple of keywords to rank for.

Here set the ‘Search Volume’ filter ‘Min’ “5000” and leave ‘Max’ blank, set the ‘SEO Difficulty’ filter ‘Min’ “0” and leave ‘Max’ “60” and hit Apply.

Once we do this, we will see only 9 keywords are having search volume more than 5000 and SD upto 60. Now, these keywords are what I call Ultra Low Competitive Keywords.

I mean to say, no matter how many hours you’d put into keyword research, these keywords would be tough to find.

Simple and Straightforward, right?

Well no!

And here comes the twist!

Just because these Keywords are Long Tail with Low Search Volume doesn’t mean they’re Low Competition

Hence we need to do Keyword Competition check as well!

Checking Keyword SERPs Manually

As we’re using Ubersuggest, then we don’t have to copy paste each keyword into Google. We can check the SERP for any keyword right into Ubersuggest.

Here we have an excellent keyword: “best headphone 2019”

Towards the keyword’s right side you can see “SERP” menu, click on it and it displays Top 10 SERP results with few additional information too.

Here sited most sites are having high authorities, and so you might think it’s hard to rank but trust me it’s not.

Best part about this research is that we can find lots of other websites that are related to our niche.

By using this method we can have good idea about the competition as well as can find bunch of competitor whom we have to outrank for our niche.


I’ve tried my best to explain this method about  How to Find Low Competitive Keywords For Amazon Affiliate Sites.

I tried to explain almost everything in details as much as I know. Though, if you have some question running in your mind feel free to ask me in comment box without hesitation.

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